Incapacitation (guardian-ship) in context of witness protection program in Austria

Incapacitation (guardian-ship) in context of witness protection program in Austria 

a pilot project of the Ministry of Justice – Republic of Austria 

According to European law 

Mrs. Mag.a Rosemary B. Hoedl-Baumann was taken under a personhood-program at the Court of Vienna (district court of Vienna – 23. district Wien-Liesing)

She was a witness of some strange fatalities in the Ministry of Finance in Vienna, 1030 Wien Hintere Zollamtsstraße 4 – during 2000 to 2006.

Mrs. Hoedl-Baumann was employed as a SAP-consultant for Federal Accounting in the main data center of the Republic of Austria.

RPF Los Angeles.jpg

In December 2008 it was suggested to her, to participate at „Reinigungs-Rundown“ at Gold Base (Reh.Force Project) – because she was a Whistle Blower.

Mrs. Hoedl did not want to leave Austria. The official declaration of death would be to bad for her nerves. So she decided to take the offer of Minister of Justice to get a guardian (an Austrian Lawyer).

The aim was: Everything Mrs. Hoedl (whistle-blower) would tell about fraud and death in Austrian ministries would not be taken serious: These are the statements of a very crazy person. She is a fool – look at the diagnosis in AKH (hospital in Vienna)

Everybody was fooled. Especially the fair-gamers-67.

However, as her solicitor, Mr. Martin W., was threatened – according to fair-game-67 – he did not want to stay the guardian of Whistle-blowerin Mrs. Hoedl.

So District Court of Wien-Liesing decided to end the witness protection program in June 2011. Mrs. Hoedl was still in mortal danger.

The new plan Summer 2011 (witness protection program for Whistleblowers – Republic of Austria) 

witness protection program for Mrs. Hoedl (Whistle-blower)

Interior Ministry Vienna and police Vienna decided to set aside a bodyguard for Mrs. Hoedl:

The son of a Viennese police-man and undercover agent of police headquarters in LINZ (Upper Austria).

As deception 2. instance of Vienna courts made legal proceedings – to make the illusion perfect.

Those people (data center of Republic of Austria) who wanted to kill Mrs. Hoedl – they should be lulled into security.

Mrs. Hoedl is a very crazy, psychotic person. Don´t take here serious. 

The fair gamble paid off. 

But 24th of December 2015 Mrs. Moser convent school girl and officer for special affairs data processing center Vienna (also she did not want to leave Austria for becoming an officer in Rehabilitation Project Force – although she was there earlier – although Mrs. Moser must be presumed innocent

Bildergebnis für rehabilitation project force

brought legal action to district court. She wanted Euro 14.800,–. Mrs. Moser did not know, that Mrs. Hoedl was a participant of Witness protection program (as a Whistle Blower for Austrian Courts and Ministries).

Secret agents wrote e-mails using the IP-address of Mrs. Hoedl in Wien-Liesing.

Mrs. Moser – also a secret agent – did not know that Mrs. Hoedl was under observation of different secret services.

Mrs. Hoedl knew too much. A lot of Austrians (officers, politicians, artists….) took part in the

Official version: they are dead.

Now the court in Wien-Liesing responded quickly.

In the middle of the Christmas Holidays the female judge wrote a judicial decision:

Mrs. Hoedl is not able to enter the Court; because she is very afraid to be killed by osa-agents in front of the court-house in Wien-Liesing.

So Mrs. Hoedl is unfit to stand trial.

Very famous psychiatric evaluators like Prof. Max Friedrich, Dr. Herbert Kögler, Dr. Gabriele Wörgötter shall decide 

whether the state of health of Mrs. Hoedl-Baumann will permit 

a longer stay in Rehabilitation Project Force

in United States of America. 

Another decision will cost a lot (for Austrian tax-payers) because 

psychiatric doctors must decide whether Mrs. Hoedl is able to 

take part in „purification rundown“ – as a Whistle Blower.

der Weg zur Freiheit

We ask for your understanding that further secret information is not possible in order to protect the people under witness protection program by osa, Home Office, State Department.

Bildergebnis für rehabilitation project force

A big thank you to

Name: Univ.Prof. Dr. Max H. Friedrich Beruf: FA für Psychiatrie und Neurologie

Geburtsjahr: 1945 Anschriftscode: W956836 

Zustellanschrift (Ort der beruflichen Tätigkeit):  

Anschrift : Friedrich Schmidt-Platz 7/16

1080 Wien Telefon: 01/408 18 55

Mobiltel.: 0664 83 26 800

Für die Eintragung zuständig: LGZ Wien

Bildergebnis für rehabilitation project force

Name: DDr. Gabriele Wörgötter Beruf: Facharzt für Psychiatrie und Neurologie

Geburtsjahr: 1952 Anschriftscode: W178801

Zustellanschrift (Ort der beruflichen Tätigkeit):

Anschrift : Brahmsplatz 7/8

1040 Wien Telefon: 01/505 85 49

Fax: 01/505 85 49-11

E-Mail: Mobiltel.: 0664/323 93 93

Weitere Adresse : Bichlnweg 34/8

6370 Kitzbühel Austria

Für die Eintragung zuständig: LGZ Wien


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